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Vector logos

December 27, 2008
more vector aykon like this in the future.

more vector aykon for downloading in the future.

Ahhh! Xmas is over yet am still too lazy to post on this blog.

Anyway, I am doing a presentation and I need some brand and logos of different companies(sponsors) to attached to. The client already send me some of the logos that I need, but in jpeg format and it’s no avail because the resolution is so low and it is pixelized and most of them had a colored background.

I want to trace it one-by-one using Adobe Illustrator to make them a vector format, but it’s so time consuming and the presentation is rush (the correct slogan is: we need this presentation yesterday!). So, I don’t have other option but to search on the net hoping to find a much bigger and better quality logos. 

While “googling” on the net, I found this cool site where you can download all regional (I am based in mid east) and international brand and logos you can imagine. And yes, all of them in EPS format! And you can also upload your own work(logo), so cool huh! So check this out, it may help you too in the future. For more of about their visit > [brandsoftheworld].

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