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creative business cards

January 15, 2009

THIS days, the internet and mobile phones are the common ways when we want to keep in-touch with someone, be our relatives, friends or business associates. But even though we are living in the high-tech era, we are still need to own that small piece of paper. Not just an ordinary paper, maybe a little bit thicker than the usual one.


A business card. Some creative souls design business cards made of plastic or even metals – it depends on what kind of materials pop-up in their mind, they even use wood and rubber. Sky is the limit is their mantra, if they talk about art and designs.


And they make it sure that it is easy and very convenient to put into the bag or on a wallet or simply on the back pocket of your pants.


A business card where we put your name, designation and contact information of the company –  if you happen to worked in a private company. Or simply your name, mobile number and an email address, or possibly your personal blog address (url) if you opt to be a freelance.

More creative business card designs from creativebits and itevenhasawatermark.

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