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FrancisM 1964-2009

March 6, 2009

Francis Magallona also known as FrancisM, Kiko, The Mouth, Master Rapper and The Man From Manila. The Pioneer and the King of Pinoy Rap. He was born on October 4, 1964 in Manila, Philippines. He passed away last March 6, 2009 at the age of 44. FrancisM is one of my favorite singer, songwriter and actor.

So long sir Kiko! R.I.P.

* Update: Francis Magallona has been laid to rest at the Loyola Memorial Park in Marikina City Wednesday morning.

Music video of the Three Stars and a Sun by FrancisM ft. Parokya ni Edgar.

Lyrics: Three Stars and a Sun

Three stars and a sun, in one sky, so high,
I live and die and die will I for my
Motherland this is the land of my birth,
No purse is worth the price of this earth
Can we rise, can we all, hell no!,
Or should we all just take the fall?
Bless the man if his heart and his land are one
…3 stars & a sun!
3 stars & a sun! I’m ready to defend the 3 stars & a sun!
Ommision to a mission, transport for the brain,
Packed w/ stacks of tracks built for a train,
I eat lead, but I never let it be said,
“He said, she said,” it makes me see red
‘Cuz I don’t take bullshit & I’m ‘a pack it and push it,
And hit you w/ the full clip
Switch to mode lock-‘n’-load in the land of Juan
…the 3 stars & a sun!
3 stars & a sun! I’m ready to defend the 3 stars & a sun!
Bahay kubo kahit munti, may pula,
Bughaw, dilaw, atsaka puti
There is a need to sow the seed,
Toil the soil and plod until your hands bleed
‘Cuz this land is sacred,
Many a battle have been fought with hatred
Don’t tell me that you understand,
It’s been 4 hundred years of tears
For the brown man,
Still and all the fight has just begun
…3 stars & a sun!
3 stars & a sun! I’m ready to defend the 3 stars & a sun!

Discography of FrancisM
* FrancisM (extended of Loving You) – 1989
* Mga Kababayan (E.P. Dance Mix) – 1990
* Gotta Let ‘Cha Know (E.P.) – 1990
* Yo! – 1990
* Rap is Francis M – 1992
* Meron Akong Ano! – 1993
* Freeman – 1995
* Happy Battle (ft. Hardware Syndrome) – 1996
* The Oddventures of Mr. Cool – 1998
* Interscholastic – 1999
* Freeman 2 – 2001
* The Best of Francis M – 2002
* Pambihira Ka Pinoy (single) 2004
* F Word – 2007

More info of FrancisM (link)

2 Comments leave one →
  1. April 8, 2009 9:22 pm

    yeah, FrancisM… a great young man and a true patriot indeed. (r.i.p.)

    Pinoy, thanks4droppin’by… just visit your blog, but comment section is closed 🙂

  2. April 7, 2009 6:13 am

    One of the great people with a great passion in music, such a big lost in the music industry. Let’s keep his songs in our hearts as always.

    For sure, lots of people are inspired by his songs and also want to take the chance and be appreciated by other people. Feel free to check our site and get listed at Pinoy Music Talents, let’s all Support Local Talents and be recognized.

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